Family Law guide

Family Lawyers primarily deal with relationships between family members, helping to resolve any issues that arise. We all hope that we won’t need this service, but the sad truth is, some of us will. Family relationships, like any other relationship, can break down and become problematic over time and sometimes family members aren’t able to resolve conflicts between them. This is where a Family Law solicitor can help. Not only can they provide you with advice and help in uncomfortable and/or stressful situations, but they can also fight your side to help you to come to a resolution you are happy with.

What can a Family Law solicitor help with?

One of the most common reasons a family law specialist is called on for help is with divorces. For some people a divorce can be a simple and straightforward procedure (albeit lengthy and a little confusing), but for others the divorce process can be complex. For everyone, getting a divorce is an emotional, difficult time and in some cases, it can be emotionally and financially draining. A family law solicitor can help relieve the pressure.

Can I get divorced without a family law solicitor?

Yes, absolutely. If your divorce is straight forward, i.e. you know your spouse isn’t going to contest divorce proceedings and things like dividing your assets and deciding on custody for children has already been discussed, then you can file for divorce yourself. However, if you haven’t had these discussions with your ex, if communication is difficult, or you are unable to agree, then it is likely you’ll need advice from a family law specialist.

Will a family law specialist explain my rights?

Yes, if you are considering a divorce (or anything else that falls under the umbrella of family law) then you can seek advice before you take any action, to understand exactly what your rights are. Not only will your family law solicitor explain your rights, but they will fight for those rights on your behalf.

Can you help with custody disputes?

Second to divorces, helping resolve disputes over custody of children is one of the main roles of a family law specialist. Family law specialists will help you to understand your rights as a parent (and what rights the other parent has), as well as helping with child care arrangement orders, adoption cases, child maintenance, parental rights, and child welfare, among others. If your relationship with your ex-partner has broken down to a point where you are unable to communicate, or agree, a family law specialist can act on your behalf.

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Aside from divorce and custody, how can a family law specialist help?

Family law specialists can help with a variety of family related problems, such as co-habitation rights, property settlements, prenuptial agreements, and fostering and adoption, among other areas. From providing help and advice, to helping you to settle any ongoing disputes with family members.


For most people, their family is their universe. Whether its our children, our parents, or our spouse, we give our hearts entirely to our family members. Which is why when disputes or problems arise, they tend to hit us harder emotionally, they are more difficult to overcome and understand and they threaten to tear families apart.

In these situations, the best thing you can do is to take a step back, speak to a legal professional, understand your rights and offload some of the stress onto your family law specialist. By doing this, you give yourself a chance to process everything you are going through and come to terms with any changes to your family environment.

Solicitors in family law not only provide you with help and advice so you can understand where you stand from a legal point of view, they will also represent your fairly.

Nobody wants to end up in court, fighting against a family member (or a spouse), but sadly some people find themselves in that exact position. It is much easier to handle this situation if you have someone fighting your corner for you, ensuring your voice is heard, your thoughts and opinions are taken into account and saying the things you hoped you would never have to say, on your behalf. 


They can also reflect on the situation in a way that you can’t, given this will be an emotional time for you, they take the emotion out of the situation and so they are able to make much more logical and rational choices.

Family law is a vital part of the legal system and family law solicitors often go above their remit of providing legal advice and support. They understand the difficulties you face and they take the time to listen to your story, often becoming something of a counsellor, providing their clients a safe environment to discuss their problems.

They have empathy and understanding, as well as a breadth of legal understanding. So if you are facing a problem that you could deal with alone, it is always a good idea to seek legal advice, if only for the opportunity to vent your frustrations to someone who cares.

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