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Find Me a Solicitor

A fresh new and award winning concept to help you find the right solicitor from an experienced independent qualified solicitor with over 20 years of experience.

More about us

Find me a Solicitor is an independent free service for individuals or businesses looking to find the right solicitor.

We have the knowledge and expertise to advise clients on finding a solicitor based on their needs, budgets, sector specialisms and areas of law. whether that is for personal or business legal needs.

Best of all … This service is completely FREE!

We work with hundreds of solicitors nationally and can help advise what type of solicitor you need and who best to speak to. Each solicitor is vetted and approved before recommending the same to you.

We offer 30 minutes of FREE legal consultation to help you navigate the maze of appointing the best solicitor for you with a qualified solicitor without the need to fill out pages of form filling and data processing. Dee Kundi is a consultant-qualified solicitor helping people, businesses and law firms with their legal obligations and providing assistance through her expertise. For clear transparency, we work with solicitors on a fee-sharing arrangement and give back 5% cashback of the legal spend to you or the referrer. You also have the option of giving the 5 % to your nominated charity. This fee-sharing arrangement will NOT increase what you pay for the legal service.

Why choose us?

Discover why over 1000’s of law firms trust Find Me A Solicitor as their review collection platform.

It’s all about reputation. We understand the challenges law firms face when collecting reviews.

100% Free

100% confidential

30 Min Free Legal Consultation

NO Hassle Service

Get a 5% Cashback Reward Fee*

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Find me a Solicitor

Find a solicitor that best suits your needs
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How does it work?



We will give you a call for a FREE 30-minute consultation to understand your legal needs, budgets, sector specialisms and areas of law. We then suggest carefully vetted and approved solicitors. You agree on terms with your choice of solicitor.



Whether you pay your legal invoice at the end of the matter or via interim bills, we will calculate 5% of your legal spend (not including VAT or disbursements) and pay this back to you once you have paid your legal invoice after 30 days by cheque or BACS. (e.g. if the legal spend is £10,000 we will send you £500 cashback).


If you prefer not to take the 5%, we will donate this amount to your nominated charity or donate to our own nominated local charities.

Seeking Ambassadors

If you have a friend, a family member or just someone you know that requires ANY legal services please get in touch with us directly.

This includes all personal legal services such as Wills & Trusts, Probate, Lasting Power of Attorneys, Buying or Selling a Property, Planning, Family, Divorce, Childcare, Civil Litigation, Disputes Resolution, Employment and Immigration.