Corporate Law

When it comes to running a business or an organisation it is crucial that you have a good corporate law specialist. Corporate lawyers not only help you to form and conduct your business, but they also provide your business legal support and protection and provide assistance with future reorganisation/restructuring of businesses, as well as things like mergers, acquisitions and provide clarity on things like shareholder rights. To help you to understand why a corporate lawyer is crucial to the success of your business, we have put together a guide showing you the many ways they can help.

Does my business need a corporate law specialist?

Short answer, yes, regardless of the size of your business is it crucial that you receive accurate and clear advice. Seeking the help from a corporate lawyer will greatly increase your chances of your business operating successfully. They can save you time, money and a lot of stress, by taking care of the tedious jobs for you and helping you to make those crucial business decisions.

Is corporate law advice needed before I start my business?

Some businesses, such as sole traders, are very simple to set up and you can probably do this without the need of a law specialist. Partnerships and limited companies, on the other hand, are a little more work to set-up because there is more than one person involved, which means contracts etc are necessary right from the start.

I’m a sole trader, do I need a corporate lawyer?

As a sole trader you are less likely to need the kind of specialist law advice that a larger limited company would need. However, as a sole trader, you are also personally liable for your business and in this sense, you might actually need a corporate law specialist more. These specialists can help you to limit your liability and protect yourself and your business in advance of any issues arising, they can also help to settle disputes, problems and even law suits.

What corporate law firm should I use?

This one depends very much on your type and size of business and your future plans. Different corporate law specialists might provide different services and some might have to outsource services to a third party, or send you elsewhere. Before you look at solicitors, think about your needs and find a law company that can provide all the services you need now (and might need in the future).


Find Me a Solicitor is an independent free service for individuals or businesses looking to find the right solicitor.

How will my corporate legal fees be calculated?

The fee for corporate legal services depends on which services you need, how you need your corporate lawyer to help and the size and type of business you own. The best option is to call us for a free, no-obligation quote.

Do you provide free legal advice to businesses?

We do provide a free 30-minute legal consultation, during this time we aim to understand your requirements and help to find you the best solicitor, with little work on your part. You won’t have lots of forms to complete and you won’t need to research different solicitors, we will do all of that for you.

Are your legal team in house?

No, we work with an extensive network of legal specialists which includes hundreds of qualified and fully vetted solicitors from across the UK. This is why we are able to offer so many services and guarantee to match you with a solicitor who has all the skills, knowledge and experience you need.


Establishing and running a business is not without its challenges, which includes managing legal issues and both appreciating and navigating through the complexity of corporate law. This is true regardless of the size of your business, although it is particularly true of limited companies and partnerships, where there is more than one owner and legal contracts are required before the business can even be established.

When it comes to forming a business, you need to decide who is going to form the business, what legal structure the business will have, how shares are going to be divided, etc. and you also need to actually register the business itself with Companies House and HMRC.

This can be a little overwhelming, especially if you have never formed a company before. A corporate lawyer can help you to make these decisions, explain the processes and terminology used by third-parties, like Companies House, and it can guide you through the process of forming a company so that your application to start a business is approved with no problems and you can begin trading as soon as possible.

Throughout the life of your business, you will almost certainly need the help of a corporate lawyer, in areas such as:

  • Creating legal (and legally binding) contracts
  • Structuring (re-structuring or reorganisation) of your business
  • Advice on corporate legislation
  • Legal disputes, including litigation
  • Employment law issues
  • Regulatory and compliance matters
  • Franchise arrangements and business operations
  • Registering your intellectual property rights (such as trademarks and patents)
  • Negotiating business transactions
  • Help with data, privacy and IT law, including GDPR
  • Reviewing of leasing

Our diverse team of legal professionals are able to assist with all of the above, and much more. To discuss your needs or for more information about our services, contact us today.

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